Sorry the post is a little late today. So the main witticism that comes to mind from the past week or so is from a few days ago:

Recently my mother and her (ugh) boytoy have been remodeling their room and have gotten the shower installed just recently. However the neighbor came over in the evening hours to let us know that the tinted glassthat the shower window is made of is not Boytoy pens-proofed. Therefore immediately after his departure I immediately ran upstairs into the bedroom and said

Hey, Dude the neighbors say stop pressing your dick against the window.

His reply


The Whitmeister strikes again!

An update. (Hally – frekin – louya).

So this is Whit (the one and only). It’s been a while because SOMEONE *glares accusingly at mother* hasn’t been updating the website enough (and by enough I mean at all). anyways I shall try to post my musings every Wednesday Friday and Sunday but I leave you with this small snippet.

Mom: (setting me up for admin access to SWS) okay I’ve just given you the keys to the kingdom.

Me: uh, hey mom, I just dropped the keys into the moat.